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Recordset are a Software Development & Web Services company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We are a small team of developers currently 3 people. We pride ourselves on excellent customer relationships, forged through detailed and thorough understanding of the structure and operational procedures of all our clients.

This process is integral to the successful development and completion of your system.

Our mission is to provide a software package that is.

• Reliable

• User friendly

• Scalable

• Productive

• Efficient

The Process

A number of steps are required to enable us to meet your system requirements:

Step 1: Complete our detailed online enquiry form by clicking here

Step 2: We will review you enquiry giving us at least an overview into what your requirements are, we will then contact you to set up a meeting whether it be a meeting at either the Recordset Wakefield Office or onsite (sometimes a telephone call and or remote access will suffice) to discuss the project in more detail.

Step 3: Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements we will prepare a quotation outlining project details, timescales and price. The timescale is usually broken down into at least 3 stages http://jump4loves.com/ where you will be required to install and test the system, your feedback will be required before we move on to the next stage, depending on the complexity of the system this process may be broken down further, but here are the 3 key stages of design:

a: Initial Framework (user will be able to navigate through screens of the system, colour scheme/fonts/window styles etc will all be included here)

b: Prototype (this is about 70% complete and will give the user a good idea of how the system will operate)

c: Installation (this will be a working version)

Step 4: Once the system is installed and operational we offer 6 months of ironing out any programming bugs and errors at no additional cost or loss of data.

Bespoke Database Software Development

Cross platform development allows us to create systems which will work on Windows, Android and iOS. Data can be either held onsite or we could host the data giving you access from any device wherever you are.

Bespoke Database Software Examples

  • Accounting Database
  • Asset Management
  • Client Management
  • Course Management
  • Engineering Product Data Database
  • Engineering Health & Safety BS/ISO
  • Job Tracking
  • Product Management Database
  • Recruitment Database System
  • Sales and Orders Data Management
  • Stock Control Database
  • PAT Testing Program
  • Project Management
  • Timesheet Management System
  • Car Rental
  • Business Diary and Scheduler
  • Outlook Ordering Bolt on
  • Staff Management Database System
  • Website Ordering Import Facility
  • Fleet Management
  • EPOS Systems
  • Nursery Management Software
  • Facilities Management System
  • Password Storage
  • CD/DVD Burning Software
  • Photo Puzzle

Website Design

We offer all web services including domain https://bestdatingsitesrating.com/ registration, website design and development and web hosting plans for both the site and database.

Recordset offers a variety of hosting plans best suited to your needs, we also offer affordable personnel payment packages.  Some example listed here:

Single page site

1-5 Page site

5-10 Pages Site

10+ Pages

E commerce

Database driven website

CMS Websites


Blogs & Forums









We offer outstanding hosting plans. Get in touch!

Data Archiving Solutions

Data archiving solutions is becoming more and more necessary within companies today, as the amounts of required data increases and the length of time you have to save this data also increasing a way to archive and access this data is essential.
We provide a solution bespoke to your company that will allow you to find a document in seconds rather than search through boxes of documents. We will convert all the files to an electronic format and archive them in a fully searchable database saving you time and creating space!

To understand our data archiving solutions better we have broken it down into the following steps:

1. We visit your place of business and examine the documents which need converting to an electronic format.

2. Calculate the number of documents

3. Look at the process which has lead to these to documents for example are you still producing documents in this manner or have you a new process.

4. Describe our idea/initial solution while on site

5. Compile a quotation detailing time frame, full project details, and cost.

Keep your data safe with Industry leading tiered data archiving solutions.

Mobile Application Development

We provide the best mobile application development for Android, Windows Mobile 8, Windows RT and iOS (Apple).

Applications we develop can be linked to your bespoke database system giving you access to your data wherever you are giving you increased flexibility of the day to day running of your business.

We provide Mobile Application Development for:

Books & Reference
Health & Fitness
Libraries & Demo
Live Wallpaper
Media & Video
Music & Audio
News & Magazines
Travel & Local

Get in touch with our mobile application development team today and let us bring your desired objectives to life.

Touchscreen Software Specialists

Recordset are experts in touchscreen systems for tablets, large screen displays and kiosks.

We also offer full a full installation service and are highly competitive with regard to equipment pricing.

Our systems are always highly user friendly with big button navigation.

Frequently used in the following sectors:

Education – Nurseries/Schools/Higher Education etc.

Care – Doctors/Dentist/Mobile Assessors etc.

Maintenance & Facilities Management – Contractors/Security etc.

Construction – Surveyors/Contracts Manager etc.

Hospitality – Bar/Restaurant/Hotels Foyers etc.

System Maintenance

We offer flexible maintenance and support for all our systems tailored to your individual needs.

Support packages could include any of the following:

  • Dedicated in house support

One of our developers could be based onsite for an agreed number of hours, suitable to your requirements.

  • Live Chat

Instant communication during office hours with one of our support team.

  • Telephone and Email

Agreed response time.

  • Dedicated Developer

Option for a single developer for all your contact requirements.

  • Call Out

Could be an agreed number of hours on site.

  • 10% Discount Offered To Customers For Long Term Support Packages

Also offer short term monthly support packages.



Below are some screenshots of systems we have created in the past and below them are 3 case study examples. We believe our work speaks for itself, please get in touch today to see how we can help your business.

Car Rental Broker Software – Database Example 1.

Bespoke Database Software Example 1:

Project Name: Car Rental Broker Software

Project Size: Small

Project Leader: Lance Drury

Project Brief: Currently using a series of excel spreadsheets to log all customer and vehicle rental information this is now becoming slower due to number of rentals and also which is a massive problem only one person can update the log/spreadsheet at any one time!

We would like:

  • A networked system with user log ins and different permission levels.
  • Fully searchable system with quick links to main program areas
  • Able to export data to excel
  • Text message and/or email customers booking details
  • Record of all Rental Companies we use with a commission calculation for each rental
  • Diary of Rentals In/Out/both
  • Various reports
  • Data to be hosted offsite and also if possible able to log in and work from home.

Project Solution:

Able to complete everything within the brief on time and to quoted price.

Here are some screenshots of the completed system:



quick search




New Rental


Rental Companies

Works Management System – Example 2.

Bespoke Database Software Example 2:

Project Name: Works Management System

Project Size: Medium

Project Leader: Lance Drury + Tanja Windhorst

Project Brief: We are a nationwide construction company who specialise in electrical & central heating installations &  maintenance. We have a numerous staff and contractors who attend to a variety of jobs at properties throughout the UK, we would like a system where admin staff in the office book out jobs to the onsite teams and contractors, the teams will be able to view all job/property details on a tablet and add notes/times regarding work completed, the admin team will then process the completed jobs for payment eliminating paperwork and speeding up the process.

We would like the system to do the following:

Use Android 3G Tablets for the onsite teams allowing instant updates/progress to be recorded and viewed by the office admin team

Produce numerous reports and wage slips for contractors with all work details

Scheduling and diary components to allow admin to organise and manage jobs

Mapping component to again allow admin to best book out jobs for teams in order of location

Tablets must be GPS enabled so admin can track teams at all times.

Website with backend database and managers login to see statistics and reports

Dashboard with varying details dependent on user permission level showing statistics and reports

Booking system for admin to call tenants allowing work/jobs to be booked in

Project Solution:

Able to complete everything within the brief on time and to quoted price.


Web Site: Front End – finished site can be viewed here

Website: Staff Login – Allowing Managers to login and see all department Properties and Job Details.

Database Main System and Apps

Here are a small number of screenshots of the completed system:

Dashboard Management


search properties


property details


tablet login


tablet dashboard

tablet property


tablet jobs


tablet job


job diary

Nursery Management System – Example 3

Bespoke Database Software Example 3:

Project Name: Nursery Management System

Project Size: Large

Project Developers: Lance Drury + Steve Littlehales + Charlie Jones

Project Brief: We are a relatively new nursery/child care center based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We have tried numerous software packages on the market none of which deliver the level of management we require…

Project Solution:


Web Site: Front End – finished site can be viewed here

Web Site: Parent Portal – Allowing parents to login securely and view details such as: Child Attendance, Schedule, Invoices (with ability to pay), daily images, daily videos, reports and statistics, text messaging service (for late, sick etc)

Web Site: Staff Portal – Allowing staff to login securely and view details such as: Staff Attendance, Schedule, Holidays (with booking), Pay slips, Signed Procedures and training documents, reports and statistics, text messaging service (for late, sick etc).


Developed in Android/iOS/Windows Mobile

Parent App: Facebook Style Daily Timeline showing details of Meals, Nappy Changing, Activities (in form of text, video and images files), Accidents, Medications (where parent can sign within the app to approve if required), statistics and reports.

Nursery App: Each room of the nursery has a tablet with this app installed. Allowing nursery staff to:

  • Record/log all daily events such as nappy change, meal times, activities etc.
  • All child details to be accessed within seconds such as accidents, medication etc.
  • Video conferencing between rooms
  • Text messaging between rooms and admin areas
  • Allow staff to add request and ideas for the nursery
  • View staff and child schedules
  • Video and photos of the days activities.
  • Planning of activities

Nursery Software: Administrative side of the software, used for creating schedules, timetables reports etc

Some screenshots of the Nursery App & The Nursery Software

Nursery App


Nursery App Planning


Nursery App Sleeping


Nursery App Planning Activities


Nursery App Accident


Nursery App Medication


Nursery Software Parents


Nursery Software Hours


Nursery Software Early years

Nursery Software Schedule


Nursery Software Staff Details


Nursery Software Staff Hours


UK Office:

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German Office:

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